AdMaxim Brand Safety Policy

AdMaxim Inc. (“AdMaxim”) is firmly committed to providing the best possible brand safety measures for our clients. AdMaxim realises brand safety is a critical factor within the programmatic display industry and has various policies and processes implemented to minimise risk to clients.  These are detailed below:

Content Verification & Analysis Engine

AdMaxim has a proprietary solution for enforcing brand safety rules with the ability to block the delivery of ads in real time based on categories and domains and is set as standard within campaign set up. 

The content analysis engine crawls the publisher page to determine the keywords, contents and categories. This information is made available to the ad servers and Campaign Management Systems to use in real time ad delivery decisions. The AdMaxim targeting engine can block unwanted categories as well as specific publisher site Top Level Domains (TLDs). This ensures ads are not landing on publishers associated with those set categories, for example gambling or dating, or on specifically unwanted domains. Keywords are also reviewed to restrict delivery to domains with blocked keywords and categories. 

In addition to this AdMaxim is able to host a range of third party verification tags to allow clients to have an independent auditor validate delivery across our network. 

Transparency & Supply Partnerships 

AdMaxim only works with exchanges which offer high quality, transparent inventory and suppliers which we have trusted relationships with. AdMaxim ensures and invests in close relationships with our exchange partners to enable best possible practices from both sides and included in this is the ability to optimise supply to minimise risk and maximise brand safety. As well as transparent and trusted relationships, AdMaxim conducts regular audits of our exchange partners to maintain the maximum levels of brand safety possible. As part of the new supplier integration work flow AdMaxim performs rigorous brand safety reviews before on-boarding any new partners. 

AdMaxim Whitelists 

AdMaxim works with a range of whitelists, based on the tens of thousands of apps and sites AdMaxim has access to. These vary in size and are automatically and regularly manually reviewed by the Client Services Team. Sites and apps can be easily reviewed and added to whitelists (by the Client Services Team on a managed basis or by clients on a self serve level) within our PinPoint interface. 

AdMaxim Blacklists 

AdMaxim’s global blacklist contains domains which we have deemed as inappropriate. These are largely based, but not limited to, the below categories:

  • Adult content 
  • Alcohol content
  • Drug content 
  • Hate speech content 
  • Illegal download activity 
  • Offensive language 
  • Suspicious activity 
  • Terroism
  • Violence

Client-Based Whitelists & Blacklists 

AdMaxim fully supports client-based whitelisting and blacklisting, allowing full control over app and site delivery. AdMaxim can work with agencies or brands to execute these and self-serve clients have full access to white and blacklist creation tools via our PinPoint interface and can be created via a range of filters, including IAB categories. AdMaxim is also able, and encourages, the use of PMPs. PMPs are available through a range of suppliers, giving thousands of PMP opportunities. 

Take Down Policy 

Our Client Services Team monitors delivery and have full transparency and visibility on where campaigns are running and can take rapid action to deal with any brand safety issues (for any specific issues please get in contact with your immediate point of contact or email The international team is on call around the clock with the ability to pause campaigns and remove offending domains as necessary. Further, AdMaxim has direct contacts and regular reviews with all inventory providers to ensure that their own brand safety measures are fit for purpose and that they are sending us high quality traffic.


AdMaxim follows the IAB viewability standards for mobile and is continually working with our suppliers to improve viewability performance and measurements. AdMaxim offers our own viewability score breakdown (measured within our Dynamic Analytics reporting interface within PinPoint) and supports a range of 3rd party verification solutions as required on a client-by-client basis, for example Integral Ad Science, Double Verify and MOAT.

Ads.txt Support

Ads.txt is a program created by the IAB that stands for Authorized Digital Sellers.

AdMaxim has implemented full support for Ads.txt in our technology infrastructure and Campaign Management tools.  

It aims to help solve the problem of fraud and the selling of counterfeit inventory in the industry. These are important issues to solve, as they result in lost revenue and the consequent loss of client’s confidence, which has a roll-on negative effect on ROI. A 2017 study of 16 leading programmatic publishers claims that record levels of fraud were resulting in ‘lost revenues of $1.27bn per year’ (MobileMarketing, 2017), which shows the detrimental effects of not being able to easily identify the origin of publisher inventory.

With tools such as the IAB’s ads.txt, businesses gain not only more transparency and control within the bidding process but can also ensure that both the client and consumer are being served the appropriate ad in the appropriate place. Ads.txt lowers the risk of encountering counterfeit inventory by introducing more transparency into the programmatic advertising buyers and sellers’ network, as publishers and distributers must implement a txt file into a domain in order to validate its authenticity. Once the txt file has been implemented, these domains get added to the IAB’s public record of Authorized Digital Sellers. This record then ties the Authorized Digital sellers to their publishers and allows buyers to see where their inventory will be shown. 

Ads.txt will positively impact AdMaxim as having access to the list of Authorized Digital Sellers means we’re able to verify the quality of each of our inventory sources. Our system can check Ads.txt data whenever it receives a bid request from an exchange partner, and can thus identify the quality of a domain, lowering the risk of encountering counterfeit inventory. This also means that if a campaign is set to only serve on publishers authorized by ads.txt, we can ensure that its ads are only delivered to those sites that appear on the list. 

Questions or Comments 

If you have any questions or concerns on any of the information below please contact brandsafety@admaxim.comor by mail:

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