Creative Request Guidelines

When using these guidelines copy/paste them right into your Basecamp project.
Every request typically needs the latest brand logo, messaging, images or a brand URL to pull assets from, and a CTA w/ a clickout URL.
*Time frames are based off business days and standard workloads, high volumes will extend the time frame.

Image Banners

Static Image Banner Ad Requests
Static Image Interstitial Ad Requests

HTML5 Banners
Rich Media Interstitials and Rich HTML5 Banners
Dynamic Creative Optimization
Parallax Scroller
Spritesheet Animation
3D Carousel
3D VR Carousel
3D VR Walkthrough
VR 360 Cube or Panoramic
Spinnable Cube
Swipe 2 Reveal
Video Interstitial
Qualified Leads
Sponsored Article
Store Locator
Inline Video
Panoramic Banner
Tap to Animate

Promotional Videos
Video Creation Requests
Showreel Video


Standard Static Ads (1-2 days)

Sizes and Examples

A website URL for branding
Logo image or reference
Frames copy (minimum) and images.
CTA text
Screen grabs of sites or apps for the ad to be shown on.


Copy text (Heading and Sub-text)
CTA text
Imagery to be used as per the content text(if possible high res images)
Brand URL for R&D

Rich Media Interstitials & Rich HTML5 Banners (design 1-2 + dev 1-2 days)

Dynamic Creative Optimization

The DCO element can be used with all ad types. Dynamic clickout, images, or textfields can be determined by a data sheet with a list of variations. The variables can be chosen by store locations using comparing the store and user’s latitude and longitude.
Requirements for DCO Data

Spritesheet Animation
Spritesheets give the effect of video but with full control of autoplaying and frame rate.
Video: Between 5-10 seconds without sound.

Parallax Scroller
The elements in a Parallax Scroller can be stacked and animated in from the right of the left as the users scrolls.
Include logo image or reference
Copy: A description of what the user should expect to see in the slides
CTA: Copy for the call to action and URL
Background Image: Provide assets or URL
Slide Images: Recomended number of images is 3-6 but more is possible
Include logo image or reference
Copy: A description of what the user should expect to in the slides.
CTA: Copy for the call to action and URL
Slide Images: Recommended number of images is 3-6 but more is possible.
Background Image: Only a 6 sided cube 360 is supported. details

3D VR Walkthrough
Brand URL to pull images assets and look and feel.
This ad requires lots of high quality image assets.
7 Clickouts: The back wall and each picture frame on the left and right

VR 360 Panoramic or VR 360 Cube

more details
Include logo image or reference
Copy for what the user experience is (Example: View the inside of the all new Mercedes C300!”) A statement to intrigue the user.
Landing screen image suggestions
A panoramic image or 6 sides cube images
Clickout URL

Spinnable Cube
Include logo image or reference
6 sides high resolution cube image(s)
Top heading copy
CTA text & Clickout URL

Swipe 2 Reveal


MPU Banner:

Brand website for look and feel
Page 1: A product and or message
Page 2: A product and or message

Video Interstitial interstitial/index.html
Brand website for look and feel
Video: Recomended Size 4-8MB (We can compress and encode larger source videos), Format MP4 or .MOV

Qualified Leads leads/index.html
Brand website for look and feel or A main image or animated gif
2 CTAs and URLs
Logo: (In a square with rounded corders, 206 × 206px)
Sponsored by: (Company name)
Headline: (Max characters: 80)
Subtitle: (Max characters: 200)
Content: (Max characters: none) Images, Text
CTA: (Text)

Store Locator
Brand Images
Top Banner clickout if applicable
Store Addresses (with Latitude and Longitudes)

Inline Video

Examples   320×50 |  320×250 | 320×480

Brand URL and concept

Copy text and CTA text for the End Frame (If need one)

Link of the video to be used

Specifications: Video needs to be less than 30 seconds. It will be edited to fit odd banner sizes. Recommended size is 300×250. We could also do smaller sizes if the video’s content is not too small.

Panoramic Banner×250/index.html

Brand URL and concept

Copy text and CTA text

Imagery that is wide enough that can be created as a sliding banner or long enough text content that can be put over a plain background/image to move around left/right.

Tap to Animate
Brand website for look and feel.
Concept suggestion

Games (reskin 1-2, custom 5+ days)

Item Catch Game drop game/index.html
Field Goal Game
Driving Game
Soccer Game
Hoops Physics Game
Tap 2 the Beat
* Requires a conversation

Video Creation

Showreel Video Request (2-3 days)

Showreel Requirements