Programmatic Digital Advertising Platform

AdMaxim is an advanced full stack programmatic advertising platform that enables Agencies To Research, Plan, Create, Deliver and Optimize precision targeted programmatic mobile campaigns


Advanced Footfall Solution for driving in-store traffic
A state of the art solution combining precision targeted hyperlocal delivery of personalised ads & content to relevant audience segments in real-time. Proprietary footfall solution enables precision measurement and targeting of customers to drive increase in footfall.



Cross Channel Amplification
Create omni-channel strategies by aligning digital campaign delivery with OOH, TV, Radio and Print media campaigns. Fine tune delivery by using advanced cross-channel attribution. Amplify impact of media spend by using data driven cross channel retargeting.


Integrated Data Management Platform
High fidelity audience management at scale. AdInsight solution enables efficient management of audience profiles using advanced analytics. Integrated model creates an efficient framework for audience targeting using real-time dynamic performance data.


Creative Studio & AdMaxim Creative Services
Creative Studio built on a powerful proprietary creative platform streamlining production of dynamic personalised ads and content. Creative templates are regularly updated with innovative new ad types and campaign micro sites.


Programmatic Native Advertising
A specialised native platform to enable advertisers to build native formats and deliver native campaigns at scale. Native advertising formats provide the best user experience and campaign response.


Programmatic RTB Media Buying
SmartReach Solution connects programmatically with thousands of global publishers, enabling open marketplace bidding and private marketplace deals to access unique audiences, formats and content.



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