VR360 Ad Type Specs

A VR360 ad type consists of a 2 page ad. The first page gives the user brief directions on how to use their mobile device’s gyroscope to look around in a 3D environment. The second page is the environment which the user can view in 360 degrees and may include links out.
Example: https://cdnukadmaxim.s3.amazonaws.com/templates/vr360/index.html

1. Brand Logo
2. Image assets or a brand URL to source assets.
3. At least one clickout destination URL (There can be multiple)
4. A message to your user letting them know how it works.
Example: “Go inside the Mercedes Benz C300. Use your mobile device to look around.”
5. An environment image (either an panoramic image or cube map)

Panoramic environment image suggested size: 3328 × 1669px at 72dpi*

Cube map suggested size for each side: 1878 × 1878px at 72dpi*
*Smaller sizes will work but, mobile devices have very high resolution and lower than this size will start to look blurry.

Environment mapped images explained:

Either of these environment images will get wrapped around a 3D object:


Panoramic environment image example:


Panoramic images looked warped and bubbled. The important thing to note is that both the left and right side can be put together as one continuous image. Once the image is mapped around a 3D sphere, the warp is adjusted for.

Mapped example:

While this image may be warped in a similar manner, it is not a panoramic image:

A 6 sided cube mapped environment:


This image would get divided into 6 square images matching in dimensions. The images by themselves would not look as warped as a panoramic image. When the images are mapped to a cube with the proper perspective the edges will disappear.